Disponibile la nuova MIUI ROM 1.11.11

Anche per questo Venerdì il team cinese MIUI ha rilasciato un aggiornamento per l’omonima Rom. La nuova versione, 1.11.11, apporta interessanti novità e risolve in particolare alcuni problemi riscontrati con il device Desire HD. E’ stato infatti aggiornato il kernel e i driver Wi-Fi; non si dovrebbero verificare quindi problemi di battery drain come accadeva qualche settimana fa.

Di seguito il changelog completo:

Recommended updates this week:

  • New MIUI Forum attachement support to push download to phone (Requires Xiaomi account)
  • Added automatic switch notice for end of recording
  • Upgrade Desire HD to latest kernel / Wi-Fi driver


  • Fix problems with photo browsing and video playback on Incredible S
  • Upgrade Desire HD to latest kernel / Wi-Fi driver
  • New MIUI Forum attachment support, push to phone to download (requires Xiaomi account to function)


  • Fix problems with ringtones
  • Added automatically switch end of recording notice
  • Fix in-call sound issues with I9000


  • Fix problems with MMS backup restore displaying items in correct order
  • Fix problems with Chinese attachment names could not be saved
  • Fix delivery reports repeated questions several times over


  • Fix crashes in some cases using the camera or video player (MI-ONE only)
  • Fix issue where Camera360 cannot be used properly (MI-ONE only)
  • Fix silence camera option problems
  • Optimisation of camera flash effect (MI-ONE only)


  • Fix problem setting ringtone, setting the ringtone is not displayed correctly
  • Quick fix in music pressing to return to music control interface, the menu displays the wrong information


  • Optimisation of complete theme backup logic
  • Optimisation of online (Cloud) backup tips returning more useful error messages


  • Optimisation of the default navigation page background and colour theme support system
  • Quick access to the first screen to optimize the two-state effect of site thumbnails
  • Access database fix leaks


  • Fix problems with Bluetooth switching on / off, paired and connected devices are not visible

Update Manager:

  • Optimisation of notification bar information, streamlining of details

Download Manager:

  • Optimisation of download only using Wi-Fi prompts and popup dialogues


  • Optimisation of accuracy of gyroscope direction I9000
  • Fix problems with back-light keys I9000