MIUI: disponibile la nuova versione 1.7.29

Come ogni Venerdì la fantastica Rom MIUI si aggiorna. La versione di questa settimana, 1.7.29, è la classica Developer Edition disponibile di settimana in settimana. Il team MIUI ha rilasciato lo scorso mese la versione stabile, 2.3.4, che si aggiornerà nel mese di Agosto ed è quindi più indicata per un utilizzo giornaliero (le versioni stabili vengono rilasciate di mese in mese).

Tra le novità più interessanti che troviamo in questa versione, segnaliamo un aggiornamento al browser, aggiornamento al nuovo Market Android, possibilità di aggiornamenti OTA per il terminale Defy e tante altre chicche che potete trovare nel changelog in allegato.

Non vi resta che aggiornare e testare i miglioramenti di questa versione.

Recommended this week
1 New Browser Upgrade
2 new network drive upgrades – Application supermarket
3 new global access restrictions

– New global access restrictions (see Settings>> access restrictions)
– New screenshots, no SD card support model library (no SD card can be used, will be prompted to insert the SD card for data transfer)
– Defy new models support OTA
– Repair increased IP prefix format of international phone calls
– Defy wifi signal optimization models, faster and more stable
– Key tone dialing system to optimize the volume (original volume of media)

– Optimize the recording prompted increased need to open the speakers (not supported within the record)
– Jump to optimize call recording to recording after the end of the list, highlight just the resulting audio file
– Optimize the power input your PIN number when prompted to add the remaining
– Optimize the use of touch-tone dialing system volume panel

Optimize the picture pop-up menu in the message to the second
Optimize the picture pop-up menu UI optimization
Optimize the contact list to A ~ Z slider highly adaptive screen
Fixed contacts export FC when the issue will be the horizontal screen
FC head set will repair the problem

– Add a length of more than nine ordinary SMS text messages, will be converted to MMS
– Optimization of mobile newspaper picture shows
– Repair in some cases after the recipient to send text messages show the wrong question
– Repair reject message window does not disappear after the closure of the soft keyboard problem
– Nickname editing interface does not repair the problem automatically
– Repair MMS attachment file name if it contains Chinese, reported in the phone mode, the problem does not appear
– HD2 and repair is too large to Defy attachment in the message failed to send MMS problem

– Drag the new shortcut in the end support bar
– Optimization task management interface UI (long press Home exhale)
– Edit mode optimization tool to drag a small “+” screen you can directly add and create a new screen
– Repair some of the gadgets display the size and the actual size of the problem of inconsistent
– Repair desktop wallpaper black, showing incomplete and can not replace the problem

– New browser upgrade. Multi-label, full-screen mode, read mode and other new features (Milestone temporarily upgraded to the network disk can be downloaded)

Application Supermarket (ex Appshare)
– New network disk upgrade – Application supermarket, a new software recommendation mechanism, and supports the view concerned friend recommended software (Applied supermarket will co-exist with the network set period of time)

Lockscreen, status bar, notice board
– Variety lock screen mask optimization to reduce memory footprint
– Optimization quiet, vibration status bar icon
– Optimize the vibration option is not checked when a call or SMS, opens up the vibration switch prompts the user to avoid misunderstanding
– Repair in some cases when using the desktop Variety unlock the lock screen flashing problem
– Variety music, repairing the lock screen mask the problem does not support album art

– Optimized theme, picture pack, small tools of the skin loading speed
– Repair replacement of fonts, font not update notification bar problem

– Some cases, camera repair camera card Defy Dayton, green screen, the video issue

– Repair set slide show interval time is too long lead to effective problem
– Repair Set album cover timely issues after the update does not

– Repair in some cases not properly remember the last play position problem

Document Management
– New progress when prompted to delete files
– Optimize calls from other APP file list, will always point back no longer return to the previous directory
– Optimize the display when no SD card style
– Repair the file list will be the last block of the control panel problem
– Defy models can not repair the windows to remote ftp file manager

– Optimize the audio file directly click the play list
– Press the record button continuously repair, state of disorder in the recording

– Defy models support the new compass

– No network link optimization, pop open the online backup tips

– New volume in the complete volume control setting (see System Settings -> Personal -> Sound -> All volume)
– APN repair deleted when the delete confirmation popup
– Repair caused by the rapid flight mode constantly switch the status bar shows the chaotic state of the problem