MIUI: disponibile la versione 1.12.30

Ultimo appuntamento per questo 2011 con il team MIUI. Anche questo Venerdì è stato rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento, MIUI 1.12.30, volto a migliorare l’esperienza Android sui vari dispositivi supportati. Come è possibile vedere dal lungo changelog, sono stati risolti diversi problemi e migliorate le prestazioni generali dei vari device.

Ricordiamo che è disponibile, ormai da un paio di settimane, la versione Ice Cream Sandwich per Nexus S; per gli altri terminale dovrebbe essere rilasciata a partire dalle prossime settimane.

Di seguito il changelog completo:System:

  • Fix the issue of long press on the Home key to call out duplicate icons in recent tasks
  • Fix problem whilst charging leads to crashing and restarting of phone (Mi-one only)


  • Added caller interface supports display of small picture
  • Search results support the new T9, press dial to enter the editing mode
  • New caller interface supports the display of the contacts name
  • Optimisation of call hang up and enhanced prompt
  • Optimisation to the service when the phone call number is not saved as a contact, the system will automatically display the service numbers to identify the name and logo
  • Several fixes from Qualcomm to fix underlying issues (Mi-one only)
  • Fix in some cases making a second call will lead to a FC (Mi-one only)
  • Fix in some cases making a multi-party call, the call interface will display the wrong information


  • New support for setting group tones / volume for bulk SMS
  • Optimisation of the contact record call history page
  • Fix A-Z search results, scroll bar does not go away properly


  • Send new messages regularly
  • Recommended messages added new options
  • Optimise the batch selection mode
  • Fix problem with batch deletion operation
  • Fix problem where clicking on slide (attachments) leads to FC problems
  • Fix SMS failure notification sending leading to new problems
  • Fix problem with SMS Contact unavailable
  • Fix in some cases the new message screen, select the device from the selected contacts will not appear in the input area

Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications:

  • Added support for full-screen mode drop down notification bar
  • Fix the lockscreen does not display the Cell operators information
  • Fix changing the call theme, the green section for ‘return to call’ will disappear
  • In some cases fix custom notification bar switch cannot sort icons
  • Fix flashlight status display showing incorrect detail (Mi-one only)
  • Fix the drop-down notification bar in the status bar says “more” and icon does not hide the problem

Desktop Launcher:

  • Added support for drag & drop icons within folder sorting
  • Fix in some cases FC when setting live wallpapers


  • Fix the problem where the theme subject cannot be loaded


  • Added support for backup of notes
  • Added support to backup Gmail, Exchange and Millet account data

System Updater:

  • Optimisation of the system upgrade process progress bar style (Mi-one only)

File Manager:

  • Fix problem opening in some cases directories containing APK files leads to FC


  • Optimised address bar icon display

Sound Recorder:

  • Added new MIUI Sound Recorder


  • Added new MIUI notes