MIUI rilascia la versione 1.8.5

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E’ stata rilasciata da qualche ora la nuova versione MIUI 1.8.5, basata sulla nuova build Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Come sempre il team cinese ha risolte numerosi problemi e bug, rendendo la ROM ancora più stabile e veloce. A differenze delle settimane precedenti, le novità di questa versione sono moltissime tutte raccolte nel lunghissimo changelog allegato di seguito.

Buona lettura!

Recommended this week:
1. Upgrade to Android 2.3.5
2. System to streamline support even after the OTA
3. Cameras support SD card without photo

– Add to upgrade to Android 2.3.5, upgrade Gmail and electronics market
– Streamlined to optimize the system still support OTA
– Add more information to optimize power consumption monitoring
– Defy optimized update to the latest CM code, Restores 5 touch
– Insert the SD card to optimize the temporary migration of data, if the target folder is empty when migrating data can be migrated without prompting
– Repair the temporary migration of data into the SD card, you can not correct the problem merging directories

– Optimize the SIM card PIN1, PIN2 input and operation
– Optimize the PUK input experience
– Repair address book delete multiple accounts after an account, T9 search will be two contact problems
– Repair in some cases hands-free phone will automatically turn on when the problem
– Repair password protected dialer, you can not issue an emergency call
– Repair the area code dial the IP telephone area code prefix may be removed when the problem

– Optimize the picture pop-up menu to expand the operating area
– In some cases repair head will contact FC midpoint gtalk problem
– Fix bulk delete a picture, sync problems still exist after the head

– SMS settings to optimize the layout and style
– Optimization settings in the pop-up window displays a preview and information is no longer associated, you can switch respectively (based on the results of the survey before the forum)
– Optimized to increase non-text information when prompted
– Repair from the File Manager can not send media files via SMS problem
– Repair in some cases, after sending MMS problem of abnormal status
– MMS can not repair the file to add the suffix capital issues
– Repairing long session at the top of the region by SMS will issue FC
– Repair Click a text message conversation, but it is another active session problem

Lockscreen, the status bar, notice board:
– Unlock unlock animation and efficiency optimization

Desktop, starter:
– Load efficiency to optimize the clock gadget
– 7.29 in the repair order disorder Desktop icon at the bottom of the problem
– Repair small number of users because of wrong patch 7.29 to play cause infinite reboot your desktop FC problem
– Repair folder and then restart the application of hidden problems
– Repair to hide the application in some cases the problem is missing
– Repair replace topic after some desktop shortcut icons do not update problems

– Repair error page forward and back, third-party calls as a result of the FC problem error
– Fixed-line video mode back page is still sound problem
– Variety repair in five points to unlock the lock screen to the browser issue invalid

Application supermarket:
– When not equipped with third-party repair APP, click on the personal page of questions when FC
– Repair personal tab “recommended” “concern” and “fans” data is not accurate and the problem can not be updated in real time
– Repair some users in the “Personal” tab displays information about problems other users

– Optimize 854 * 480 resolution display theme details page
– Click repair some cases subject line or no response of the FC
– Repair is using the theme does not display “in use” tag problems
– Repair did not downloaded theme package module displays the number of incorrect questions
– Repair theme pack replacement, task management problem icon does not update
– Repair in some cases apply a theme package lead FC problem
– Fix third-party program called ringtone theme selection, error problems
– Fix third-party program called ringtones theme selected, the default ring tones can not be selected issues
– MMS repair invalid by theme into the audio problem
– Repair in some cases to Topic List also sliding operation of issue touches FC

– Optimize the animation camera to take pictures in focus
– Optimize the camera supports SD cards without photographs, insert the SD card data migration tips

– Optimization of wire operation, long press to switch to the next song, double-click on a switch to
– Repair of MMS audio through the player opens with unusual problems
– Repair sleep mode, the song led the final 10 seconds to switch sleep mode failure problem
– Repair download more songs after the first line, click on the notification bar entry for the download is complete problems can not be played
– Repair in the player interface, the screen just lit out immediately after the issue of the current page does not refresh

– Optimize the picture to enlarge the actual size of the largest, to see the real effect
– Repair does not lead to crop the picture when the SD card problem FC
– Repair from the SD card switches over to SD card mode, the gallery page does not refresh problem
– Repair some image details Click to view the information dialog box does not pop the question
– Restoration in pictures is not loaded when the problem can not be enlarged picture
– Fixed collection of new Atlas of the problem is not in time to refresh

Access restricted:
– New password visible when switching patterns and tactile feedback
– Optimization in the access restrictions can be applied directly to open, easy access to hidden applications

– Optimization of anti-disturb settings to the desktop from the entrance

– Optimize the vibration option to increase the “notice”, to control whether the vibration received notice of the general
– Optimizing system settings -> System -> on the phone to increase the processor and memory information
– Media key options to optimize the transfer to the “System -> Key” under
– Repair “program” tab which is not installed if the corresponding application, does not display related settings
– Remove “Programs” tab under the “default settings” for details

– Optimize local backup files named according to the time
– Check the network connections to optimize online backup experience
– Online backup speed optimization

Download Management:
– Repair download multiple files, change notification sort the problem again

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