MIUI si aggiorna alla versione 1.2.25

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L’ottima ROM MIUI, della quale abbiamo parlato in maniera approfondita durante le scorse settimane, si è aggiornata alla versione 1.2.25. Il changelog è ricco di novità e come sempre risolve diversi bug presenti nel Sistema Operativo. La versione italiana per i vari terminali sarà disponibile a partire dai prossimi giorni; pubblicheremo un post dedicato non appena sarà rilasciata la versione localizzata in italiano per device HTC Desire e Desire HD.

Di seguito il ricco changelog:

– Add calls attribution to support the foreign country code
– Add increase in calls to determine call forwarding and tips

– Fix the problem can not receive SMS 10086
– Repair response message does not display the pop-up window problem words
– Multimedia audio and video repair the problem by blocking
– No stranger to repair the recent contacts display
– Remove the SIM card phone or fix the name for the problem of empty contacts FC
– Repair Bluetooth connection problems can occur FC
– Fix import / delete SIM card contacts, press HOME key when re-entering the FC problem

– FC blacklist enter a space will fix the problem

– Add to set the alarm time is set to add the entry into

– Add topic to browse the content page add a button or the next topic
– Fix to solve dynamic wallpaper settings set wrong for the current bug wallpaper
– Repair set the lock screen wallpaper, the call does not support setting the lock screen software problems
– Repair of local icons do not change the folder icon for the bug

Lock screen, the status bar:
– Under the optimal length of the lock screen, press the power button does not pop off the pop-up box
– Optimization to improve the lock to unlock screen when listening to music under the efficiency
– Repair at the same time show “China Mobile” and “China Telecom” issue
– Repair the phone under the top right corner of the lock screen does not show a matter of time
– Repair replacement softer sound to remind low power

– Add listened download, listening to the songs online to download to a local (to be opened in the settings)
– Add automatic association of local lyrics and album art, the same folder name directly associated with the
– Add the page to refresh the menu to add the switch library
– Add new lyrics set and album cover shows the switch (can be set off by the lyrics and the cover display)
– Repair solution garbled lyrics
– Album page optimize memory usage

– Optimizing operation button icons, along with the rotation of the camera rotation

– Add seven animation effects: Fade, turntable, flip, stack, rotate, box, fan. Like the first six and desktop effects, the sector is added. Defined in the settings menu inside the
– Add animation effects and slide can be defined delay, in the settings menu inside the definition of
– Add Gallery Photo plug-in support for three sizes: 2×2, 2×4, 4×4
– Large sliding around optimization to improve fluency
– Repair some sort FC folder

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