MIUI si aggiorna alla versione 1.9.30

Anche per questa settimana il team MIUI ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per la ROM MIUI giunta alla versione 1.9.30. Diverse le novità e risoluzione di bug per questo update; a partire dalla prossima settimana non verrà rilasciato il nuovo update a causa di un giorno di festività in Cina. L’appuntamento con la nuova versione è quindi rimandato al 14/10/2011.

In allegato il ricco changelog:


  • Optimisation of Wi-Fi hotspot support for Defy
  • Optimisation of internal storage low, prompt will be made by notification sound
  • Update Milestone code optimisation for better memory, added new DSI patch to fix input method of different Android keyboard, kernel and driver updates
  • Support for call recording on Defy
  • Optimized   system number wheel operation
  • Optimisation of i9000 kernels voodoo colour adjustment interface support
  • Fix i9000 lockscreen, long press home key displaying torch
  • Fix power consumption issues for Defy
  • Fix in some cases unlock problems with Defy, multi-touch settings default is set to ’2′ in Button settings
  • Fix in some cases GPRS connection instability with Defy
  • Fix problem restoring factory default settings with Defy
  • HD2 display colour fix some problems
  • Fix HD2 music playing and answering phone leads to a loud popping noise
  • Fix on some models, using the default boot flash animation will look black and white


  • New auto-recording function
  • Optimisation of automatic answering (Support for setting answer delay)
  • Optimisation of vibration settings for incoming and outgoing call hangup
  • Fix  cancel failure of the pressed-down sliding button after releasing
  • Fix interface when calls do not exit from proximity sensor (Part solution cannot lead to a black screen during a call hanging up)
  • Fix T9 in some cases does not match the search displayed
  • Fix in some cases SMS cannot display phone number display attribution problem


  • Optimisation of polyphonic characters (Settings > Rebuild index data)

Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications:

  • New single-page notification window switching support to customise layout (define only the first 11 toggles, last default is brightness, see Settings > Personal > Toggle Settings)
  • Added notification bar to switch network option from 2G / 3G
  • New lockscreen format string variable for lock-screen support (themers)
  • Simple mode switch to optimise the notification bar, single page mode uses the same resource files and keeps theme unified
  • Fix, after shutting down the system to optimise tactile feedback, on lockscreen pressing missed calls / unread messages still continues to vibrate alert
  • Optimisation of unlocking lockscreen animation


  • Automatically organise new icons (Shake phone in edit mode 3 times to automatically sort current screen icons)


  • Optimisation of local theme, theme lateral line, application is consistent with other systems
  • After restoring theme, the Bluetooth icon shows the wrong information
  • Fix problem closing theme download list page and re-entering the details page still prompted to download but are unable to do so


  • Optimisation of High-definition video format display information (HD)
  • Optimised when the camera damage is detected, the clue says exit instead of FC.
  • Fix problem taking photos or changing exposure restores settings to default values


  • Fix problem under SD card tab sorting files leads to inconsistent results


  • New SD card mode, no support for online music
  • Optimisation of music style pop up, more unified to system popup design


  • Fix problem loading some GIF images leads to FC


  • Added support to backup System Settings
  • Added support to backup and restore the current theme
  • Fix problem with sliding scroll back does not reposition correctly

MIUI Weather:

  • Optimisation to significantly improve performance and stability
  • Fix issues with location / GPS
  • Fix CMWAP access problems

License Manager:

  • New message added for read / write permissions management


  • Added support for different Wireless connection agent settings
  • Optimisation of SMS tone settings, moved to Sound and Vibration menu
  • Optimisation of screen rotation 180 degree rotation switching
  • Delete Motorola models “Connecting to PC” entry so content is empty, see Settings > System