MIUI si aggiorna alla versione 2.3.16

Nuovo appuntamento con la ROM MIUI giunta alla versione 2.3.16. Anche questa settimana il team di sviluppo ha rilasciato due versioni aggiornate sia per Gingerbread che per Ice Cream Sandwich. Nella versione ICS è stata rinnovata l’applicazione che gestisce la fotocamera e la galleria.

Di seguito il changelog della versione ICS:

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich (compatibile con Galaxy S 2, Nexus S e Mi-One)

  • New cross-screen lock function (horizontal screen, click on the notification bar shortcut switches the direction of locking)
  • Optimise media library scanning efficiency
  • Repair in some cases, the Task Manager panel, click “clean up” does not react
  • Repair problems with sensitivity when taking screenshots
  • Fix problem with migration of internal data to SD card displays incorrect transfer statistics


  • Repair calls “my card” in the number leads to FC
  • Repair modifying the status bar string may result in the status bar showing duplicates
  • Fix some cases operators welcome dialog box contains no content issue
  • Repair some SIM cards will lose APN settings
  • Fix problem managing conference calls leads to FC


  • Support for Xiaomi account to import new contacts
  • Optimization of unknown contacts picture pop-up operation panel, add contacts and other items on the first page
  • Fix in some cases adding new contacts leads to FC


  • Fix MMS details displaying incorrect date of 1970

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar

  • New V4 Lockscreen theme
  • Optimize the use of the lock screen music control screen to allow automatically shutting down (Sleep mode)
  • Optimise Airplane mode notification, the upper left corner of the status bar will display the “Airplane mode”
  • Optimise the notification bar switch to use single-page mode by default
  • Repair horizontal screen lock may lead to some lock-screen display problems
  • Fix in some cases selecting Messages shortcut leads to hot boot restart
  • Repair when using torch, the lockscreen cannot be unlocked


  • Fix in some cases, phone locks when applying theme mtz file


  • Add MIUI the V4 camera release
  • New Settings pages
  • Action bar added to set colour effects
  • Optimisation to retain the camera functions panel in panoramic mode so you can easily switch back to the camera


  • NEW MIUI V4 Gallery (if the camera FCs please clear the data in application management)
  • New SD card browser, entering folders containing a hidden folder, the correct folder numbers will be shown excluding hidden ones
  • New SD card browser, you can save folder sorting settings for each folder
  • The new SD card browser, you can properly set up a folder for favorites
  • New SD card browser, you can display the folder groups stats
  • New SD card browser, deleting folders updates correctly
  • Interface optimisation for selection of multiple items
  • Optimise ActionBar divided into upper and lower bars
  • Repair the home page, select crop photo causes FC


  • Added new Home menu for Exit and Refresh
  • New File filter tool tip information
  • Added music files added to the same directory with the same file name, lyrics and jpg covers will be automatically recognised
  • Fix to resolve album number displays an error (incorrect total)
  • Fix FC problems with Online music
  • Fix problem where songs play from the wrong starting position in some cases

File Manager

  • Fix problem in low-resolution devices, in horizontal screen the information displayed is incomplete