ROM MIUI: disponibile l’aggiornamento 2.3.9 GB e ICS

Anche per questa settimana il team cinese MIUI ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento, update 2.3.9, per l’omonima ROM. Anche in questa versione, il changelog della release 2.3.9 non è particolarmente approfondito segno dell’ottima stabilità raggiunta da questa ROM.

Vediamo insieme il changelog di entrambe le versioni:

2.3.9 GB

[Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]

  • Fix in some cases, the status bar doesn’t display the operator name


  • Optimisation to modify the default system wallpaper

2.3.9 ICS


  • New ROOT privileges access
  • Optimisation and streamlining of the System preferences application
  • Fix the width of the top section of the pop-up area is not unified
  • Fix long pressing the home button to enter list of running applications, selecting the remove all option results in a non-response or animation
  • Fix setting tones does not apply successfully


  • Optimisation of reject call reply messages
  • Optimisation of the answering / call interface
  • Optimisation without SIM card does not search the web
  • Fix telephone set fixed dialing list, adding a contact leads to FC
  • Fix issue with contact call records
  • Fix use without a SIM card, the SIM card PIN code lock feature leads to FC
  • Fix call forwarding, call waiting settings page sometimes does not close the interface down
  • Fix problem with 3rd party calls in some cases lead to abnormal interface problems


  • Add support for local contacts to add birthday information
  • Fix problem setting ring tones for selected contact leads to FC
  • Fix problem adding multiple contacts in SMS leading to problems with the search string


  • Optimisation to improve message preview on lock screen when user has password protection set

[Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]

  • New – When the screen keys button is disabled the notification bar will display a notice indicating it is disabled
  • Notification items can now choose to select to view application
  • Optimise the layout and style of the notification bar
  • Layout optimisation of the notification bar switch settings
  • Fix problem with status bar cannot be pulled down
  • Repair single page notification bar style, manually adjust the brightness to minimum, the switch automatically changes to auto brightness and then back to manual adjustment but does not remain at the lowest setting when switched back
  • Optimise the upper left corner of the status bar areas icon size and display
  • Fix problem with incoming call cannot be answered from lock screen
  • Fix problem with charging progress bar display the wrong information

[Desktop / Homescreens]

  • Optimisation to modify the systems default wallpaper
  • Fix problem with some applications background frame icon


  • Optimisation when replacing fonts, pop-up tip will be displayed
  • Optimisation for changing the local theme style, desktop clock and picture frame according to the widget size to display a different preview
  • Optimisation of variety style lock screen, the desktop clock now supports adaptive screen resolutions


  • Added support for Online music ported from GB code
  • Optimisation and efficiency of the lock screen spectrograph display and UI
  • Fix problem selecting music ring tones and the constant pop-up dialogue

[Backup Manager]

  • Fix in some cases clicking “Backup now”, the interface becomes blank


  • Optimisation of the message body input box cursor

[Sound Recorder]

  • Fix the call recordings list does not display the caller contact name