Disponibile la MIUI 2.3.2. Ecco il changelog

Anche per questa settimana il team cinese MIUI ha rilasciato un aggiornamento, versione 2.3.2, per la versione Gingerbread e Ice Cream Sandwich (compatibile solo con Nexus S). Come è possibile vedere successivamente, la ROM basata su Gingerbread sembra ormai abbandonata a favore di quella basata su ICS. Per la ROM ICS è stato aggiunto, questa settimana, il supporto alla Radio FM.

MIUI GB 2.3.2 Changelog:


  1. Fix FC when choosing “Import themes form SD card” in Theme Manager

MIUI ICS 2.3.2 Changelog:


  1. Added support for screenshots without SD storage
  2. Added support for application encryption
  3. Added custom display of status bar icons


  1. New dial-up and call interface animations added
  2. Add an urgent call save to the call log
  3. Optimise the interaction of T9 dialer interface, clicking list will change to calls, click right button switches to contacts
  4. Fix in some cases inserting SIM card still shows “No SIM card” message when SIM is inserted properly


  1. Added support to send contacts to desktop homescreen as a short cut
  2. New contact details interface to improve editing capability
  3. Optimisation of the new contacts details page


  1. Fix new pop-up information is not displayed in the Task Manager interface
  2. Fix problem with WAP PUSH information being unable to be displayed

[Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]

  1. Fix problem selecting “access restrictions” toggle leads to FC
  2. Fix problem with certain mobile carriers, the mobile carrier name will appear twice


  1. Optimisation in order to avoid garbled information, changing the system font will prompt user to restart device


  1. Optimisation of the currently playing song page and current playlist switching animations

[System updater]

  1. Added the image of Mitu and version seal into sharing system update information

[FM Radio]

  1. Added support for FM radio app

[Access Control]

  1. Added support for application encryption