Disponibile la MIUI 1.9.16

Come ogni Venerdì il team MIUI ha rilasciato una nuova ROM, update 1.9.16, per tutti i terminali compatibili. Per questa settimana, tra le novità più interessanti, troviamo un nuovo kernel per i dispositivi Desire HD, Defy, HD2 e Desire Z, risolti alcuni problemi con GMail e il Market Android e altre interessanti novità che vi andiamo a riassumere nel changelog seguente:

Recommended updates this week:

1. Defy, HD2, DHD and Desire Z replaced with new kernel

2. MI-Button support for Lock / Wake screen shortcut

3. Download Manager support for SD card status free download of Themes, Music, Apps and other documents.

Read on for full list of updates…


  • New account registration system (Added Nickname / handle support)
  • HD2 R12 Kernel update
  • DHD replaced with new Kernel optimisations
  • DesireZ replaced with new Kernel optimisations
  • Defy replaced with new Kernel optimisations, optimisation of SD card and Wi-Fi driver
  • Optimisation of system updates and music when no SD card is present, more unified style
  • Lock / Wake shortcut added for MI-Button
  • Optimisation of clearing user data / clear all data (Factory defaults)
  • Fix issue with Gmail settings, selecting some items leads to FC
  • Fix rating stars display problem for Market


  • Adding call fails logging to call log
  • Optimisation of database
  • Fix lockscreen phone notification interface does not display missed call information
  • Fix USSD / MMI interface leads to unable to call issues
  • Fix pick up quieten ringer and flip to silence triggering incorrectly
  • Fix problem with Bluetooth device unable to answer first call when paired problem
  • Fix pop-up to answer incoming call problems when selecting headset devices
  • Fix call volume problems with HD2


  • Fix can’t send text messages to contact number with +86 (Overseas service)


  • Optimisation of import contacts to MIUI guide
  • Fix problem where contacts showed incorrect MiTalk account details for contacts
  • Fix abnormal issue with read-only contacts leading to FC


  • Fix download theme without SD card, insert SD card cannot mount for migration of data problem
  • Fix replacement system notification sounds, the sound using the system to alert the application is not updated with new notification sound
  • Fix in some cases the “Current” ringtone label recurring problem


  • Optimisation of camera shake detection time (Less than 5 seconds)
  • Open camera settings menu optimisation, if the shutter button takes pictures using hardware key the panel will disappear
  • Use of volume keys to optimise camera sounds has no effect
  • Fix Auto Focus issue and anti-shake causes camera to not respond leading to system restart
  • Fix issue switching to front facing camera duplicating “effect” when switching


  • New interface for Cloud backup results and details
  • Fix removal of local copy of application during off-screen lead-free response questions
  • Fix inconsistency in Cloud backup progress indicator


  • Pop up optimisation tips / reminders for Root privileges

File Explorer:

  • Optimised remote FTP management, fixes for notifications as well.


  • Beginner guide tips added


  • E-mail interface optimisation, new compose, and search message body interface


  • Optimisation for Headset, Bluetooth headset default volume settings

Download manager:

  • Fix download large number of files / batch operations (pause / open) causes application to not respond