eMule 0.49c MorphXT 11.3


Il nuovo Emule 0.49c creato dal Team MorphXT, sembra veramente voler dare del filo da torcere alla versione Extreme . La versione moddata dall’omonimo Team contiene infatti, numerosi BugFixes, promettendo migliori performances di accesso alla rete ED2K e KAD di eMule, grazie anche ad un membro proveniente dal Team “avversario”.

Queste le Features:

# ADD: Filter clients with failed downlods [Xman]
# ADD: Count failed TCP/IP Connections [Xman]
# ADD: Temporary IP Filter [Xman]
# CHANGE: reversed IRC chan join order [Stulle]
# CHANGE: Reworked “Use Download ACK” code to be less hacky [Stulle]
# CHANGE: Reapplied corrected sorting fix in Download List [Slugfiller/Stulle]
# CHANGE: Do not stop setting new PS limit if new value = old value [Stulle]
# CHANGE: Update GUI when reloading share via Tray Icon or on Cat add/edit [Stulle]
# CHANGE: Unified sorting by Software Version [Stulle]
# CHANGE: Updated webservices.dat [shortypower]
# FIX: Display proper icons in SharedDirsTreeCtrl [Stulle]
# FIX: Display extended info about tags client sent in Clients list [Stulle]
# FIX: Source items color in DownloadList was not always reset properly [JvA]
# FIX: “disable some toolbar options was set the other way around [Stulle]
# FIX: Falsely as shared display folders du to shareSubdir [Stulle]
# FIX: Do shared files reload via command line was broken [Stulle]
# FIX: (Official) Sorting fix for filetype [moloko+]
# FIX: (Official) Single shared files were hard excluded on unshare [Stulle]
# FIX: (Official) Logs folder was not created when log saving was enabled [Stulle]
# FIX: (Official) File download via WebServer was broke [Stulle]
# REMOVED: Unneccessary shared files reload fix (improper) [JackieKu]
# REMOVED: Dupe shared files reload on add/edit cat [Stulle]