MIUI: disponibile la versione 1.3.4

Se anche voi come me stavate aspettando il nuovo aggiornamento MIUI basato su Android Gingerbread, dovrete aspettare, sfortunatamente, ancora una settimana. I modder cinesi hanno infatti comunicato che renderanno disponibile la nuova MIUI Gingerbread a partire dalla prossima settimana. Inizialmente la compatibilità sarà estremamente bassa, in quanto sarà rilasciata una ROM per ogni modello in diverse date (si vocifera a distanza di una settimana).

Nel frattempo, è stata rilasciata la nuova MIUI 1.3.4 per device HTC Desire , Desire HD e Nexus One completamente localizzata in Italiano. La ROM, come è possibile vedere dal changelog, introduce diverse novità e risolve, come sempre, svariati bug. Non possiamo che augurarvi Buona MIUI!

Nexus One

Rom Deodexed
MIUI 1.3.4 per Nexus One [DOWNLOAD]

HTC Desire

Rom Deodexed
MIUI 1.3.4 per HTC Desire [DOWNLOAD]

  • Changelog:

– T9 keyboard optimized query response time
– Fix spelling errors to correct some of the search, such as “come”
– Repair a sim card, call the emergency call number 110 area code does not allow the issue
– Section 182 fixes the problem attribution
– Repair call, the call to leave the sensor interface, which prohibits the user from the operation and return to resume the call from the sensor interface

– Add the contents of  SP service number database to increase and strengthen the ability of SP services, number recognition
– Fix to remove duplicate messages comes the theme topic, use the system theme
– SMS memory is full restoration reject the logic in accordance with the practice of relaxing the memory control 2.3 (TBC)

Lock screen:
– Add it in the lock-screen interface to disable the power button long press function options
– Optimize the use of password-protected lock screen, the first display interface common to unlock, unlock password after the Zaishu
– Repair multi-touch locking problems caused by misunderstandings
– Fix lock screen wallpaper is stretched problems
– Repair replacement of the lock screen wallpaper will be effective after restarting the problem

– Add more pages to the next slide under a resource about
– Setting the theme of a unified messaging optimization
– Style repair system problems can not be replaced
– Repair from the File Manager click on the theme of the issue document FC
– Click the title FC repair the problem list group
– Quickly open the online list of repair problems caused FC
– Fix the problem shows an empty list group

– Added start and pause playback when the sound effects fade
– Add lashing the song, switch songs sound transition
– Add filter out the small audio files can be searched in the local search but can not directly click Play, you can modify the filter based on the threshold set to play
– Repair lyrics, the album shows the default setting is “open”
– Fixed-line music background play pause bug

– Add slide show, keep the screen lit (which can be modified in the setup menu)
– Add pictures full screen when the mirror reflection effect, turned off by default (can be modified in the setup menu)
– Optimizing picture full screen, 3s does not operate, the context menu automatically withheld
– Fix small memory machines such as the Milestone, the big picture cut out of memory and crashes
– Fixed a bug where a lot of gif pictures folder, and the sliding speed is high, the occasional crash
– Picture shows camera repair time, modification time and should not be displayed

– Add sharpness, contrast, saturation and brightness of the support (DHD, Desire, Milestone, HD2 support)