Nuovo equalizzatore e novità per la MIUI 1.5.13

Nella giornata di domani sarà rilasciata la nuova build MIUI 1.5.13, con interessanti novità sia a livello estetico che funzionale. Sarà disponibile, come è possibile vedere dall’immagine, un nuovo equalizzatore che ci permetterà di salvare i nostri profili audio preferiti e perchè no, migliorare la resa di cuffie e speaker del telefono durante la riproduzione di musica MP3.

Come sempre, il team ha rilasciato un corposo documento con le novità della versione 1.5.13:

  • New I9000, Defy and HD2 kernels
  • Fix for applying themes correctly after restarting
  • Global text size adjustment options for Phone, Messaging, etc


  • Added global text size adjustment option under Settings > Personal > Font size
  • Fixed bugs in Screenshot mechanism
  • Added HD2 kernel update to tytung_r10
  • Added I9000 kernel update to fix slow camera, gtalk video chat (Front facing support)
  • Fixed password prompt could not be seen


  • Optimisation of Caller display functions
  • Optimisation of call volume, if the call is not answered within 30 seconds the volume will steadily increase
  • Optimisation of incoming caller name when contact has multiple numbers
  • Optimised phone back button will not hang up the phone
  • Fixed third party voice mail app FC (yes this means Google Voice!)
  • Fixed issue with numbers containing – characters
  • Fixed custom ringtones cannot be applied or heard issue
  • Fixed T9 search delimiter “-” where contacts could not be searched


  • Optimisation of UI
  • Group sending and animation settings optimised
  • Text selection and copying improved


  • Fixed issue where third party tools could not import correctly
  • Fixed lack of contact details page “Phone” and “SMS” buttons
  • Optimisation for clicking on a contact with multiple numbers, popup shows improved number selection and option to select a default number


  • Fixed issue where restarting would not apply new theme settings
  • Optimised theme download information
  • Repair browsing local themes FC due to network problems


  • Gallery caching system re-designed (First load of app will be slow for new caching)
  • Optimised UI for renaming photos
  • Fixed FC when viewing more details of Photo


  • Added new music equaliser
  • Fixed issue where track list did not reflect the chosen display A-Z / Z-A
  • Fixed issue in 4×1 desktop widget could not be used to control song
  • Fixed issue for copying songs from computer to phone, desktop showed in correct currently playing song
  • Fixed album cover issue where users could not apply custom artwork

Status bar

  • No-SIM emergency call text changed to “Emergency calls only”
  • Repair issue where status bar was not visible on system startup


  • Optimised photos to show information in pixels and size ratio
  • Fixed issue where Camera was still active on lockscreen
  • Playback mode fixed for Milestone, camera button will now exit playback mode
  • Other optimisations and fixes for screen brightness settings, video playback, zoom and focus.


  • Optimisation of Cloud backup system
  • Optimisation of Cloud backup recovery and listing display speed
  • Fixed issue with progress bar freezing part way through backup / restore

Sound recorder

  • Added support for background recording, no longer requires application to remain open to record sound/s
  • Added 3GPP audio option in addition to AMR format


  • Added global search for notes using the SideKick interface
  • Notes indexed in search


  • Optimisation of Wallpaper settings